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Shashanl Pant - Ex Student of FC-II​

Hi friends, I Shashank Pant joined this famous institute ER-DR CLASSES) after my 10th board exams to prepare for IIT. Initially during my preparations I faced some problems regarding the balance between the college and coaching but slowly-slowly those difficulties were removed, I just faced them with courage. Here faculty members follow the motto Where “Your Karma Meets Our Dharma”. In-depth coverage of syllabus and tests helped me a lot. I feel lack of words to express my gratitude towards the dedication and devotion of all faculty members of Er-Dr for their untiring efforts to communicate their points in every concepts.


Amit Barat - Ex Student of RC-IIT​

I joined ER-DR classes after passing 12th as I and my parents believed that JEE is just a matter of studyIng well in XI & XII. But after passing through a series of hardships, we have realized that JEE is a pillar with deep roots and it requires a deep foundation in our basic concepts which can be gained only by joining classes other than school just after passing 10th. The high lime to prepare for JEE is after passing 10th onwards and this is the mantra to crack JEE.

Ayush Ojha - IIT, Kanpur (IIT AIR-138, UPTU Rank-9)

After performing well in class-X, I focused on competitions. For exams like JEE-Advanced (IIT), JEE-Mains (AIEEE), BITSAT etc. It’s necessary to prepare from class-XI and also to choose a coaching which is best not by banner but by dedication. When most students rush to Kota, I choose ER-DR for the dedication of teachers and other members towards student encouraging them to perform better. On very first day, Bhattacharya Sir discussed with me on strategies and ultimate goal, which was study plan for me for next two years. Classes by Puneet Sir, Pramod Sir & Arvind Sir increased interest and never bored me. Special thanks to Puneet Sir for mechanics, Arvind Sir for Graph & Pramod Sir for clarity of each and every concept of chemistry required to crack JEE with a good rank.

Som Bhattacharya - Ex Student of FC-II (IIT-Khargapur)

IIT is a great temple of knowledge. A dream institution for anyone really desirous of enjoying a life full of interesting information and securing a great future too. What IIT-JEE preparation means to me? In my opinion, preparation revolves around developing the “IIT-JEE” qualities-:

  • I Intelligent Application of the basic concepts.
  • I Industrious by nature.
  • T Time Management skills superb.
  • J Joining heart and mind to form a single entity.
  • E Evaluating regularly.
  • E Enjoying the studies.

ER-DR CLASSES is a unique institute in a sense that it does not differentiate among the ranker students and lesser ones. Which is very beneficial for the whole class.

Ankur Rai - NIT War. (AIR-68, State Rank-7)

First of all, thanks to faculty at ER-DR classes and all those whose blessings came fruitful when I secured AIR-68 and state Rank-7 in AIEEE 2009. I strongly believe in the methodologies of teaching of Puneet Sir and Pramod Sir here at ER-DR classes and enjoy them wholly. During my preparation, I fully focused on quality and not on ‘quantity’ of study material. Although, syllabus for IIT-JEE and AIEEE is almost same but I believe that strategies to secure good ranks in them is slightly different.
For IIT-JEE, prepare topics upto your potential but with deep understanding in each topic for which regular revision of notes is essential. After you gain confidence is subject notes & think that each topic is sufficiently prepared, start taking miscellaneous tests with regular evolution of where you failed and the mistakes committed even the silly ones. Then put your maximum efforts to remove your weakness.
Though, all above things hold good for AIEEE but it demands a handsome speed. For it maximum number of topics should be prepared which come under its syllabus giving preference to NCERT text books. Try for maximum number of tests you can undertake to enhance speed. Hope that you understand my views and perform to best of your talent.
Ever grateful to ER-DR CLASSES, especially Puneet Sir and Pramod Sir.

Saurabh Tripathi - I.G.M.C Nagpur

My cousin brother and I joined ER-DR CLASSES for PMT. After 1 year of hard labour, my brother got selected in CBSE but I was unsuccessful in 1st attempt. After selection my brother, Rishi started doing MBBS in LLRM, Meerut. I was leaving preparation but Pramod Sir met my parents and brought me again in stream. I am thankful to ER-DR CLASSES’ continued efforts with the same zeal. I also got selected in CBSE in my second attempt and now doing MBBS from I.G.M.C., Nagpur. My whole family is highly thankful to the ER-DR CLASSES for their unique performance.

Arnab Bhattacharya - Ex Student of FC-II, selected in IIT & APMT both, M.B.B.S. Kolkata

Foundation course is really meant to find the actual capability present in a child. The best thing about foundation course is that the whole course for IIT gets completed in 2 years. In the beginning, it look like somewhat difficult to manage the school and coaching together. But after some time, it becomes easy to handle school and coaching together because once a topic is covered in coaching, there is no need to prepare it again at school. You have to just revise it.
The best thing about ER-DR CLASSES is that the teachers here try to make the children understand the concept related to every topic. The regular tests conducted here help in removing fear of examination and also in rectifying our mistakes. The assignments provided to students regularly are really worthful. I would recommend every student to join ER-DR CLASSES if he wants better future.

Sudhanshu Mishra - B.Tech NIT Durgapur

I & my parents were depressed after getting only 61% marks in 12th from HAL School. Then Puneet Sir encouraged me & my parents for preparing IIT-JEE. My selection in AIEEE surprised my family as I was a mediocre in school days. Now doing B. Tech. (C.S.) at NIT, Durgapur. I am highly obliged for the dedicated & strict vigil of whole ER-DR CLASSES.

Prashant Rastogi - Ex Student of RC-IIT, IIT Jodhpur

Each and every year competition to get selected into institution like IITs keeps on increasing though IITs have increased its number of seats even then also it haven’t helped much. I strongly believe that true preparation for IIT’s should begin right just after class 10th. As the school do not provide competition oriented education it becomes a waste of time because at the end of the year it does not count how much % you have scored in 12th but it does matter which college do you join. One year is very less time to prepare for IIT and even pressure increases day by day. So to qualify for IITs one should “start early”

Abhay Mishra - Ex Student of RC-IIT, IIT Roorkee

If someone wants to do preparations for JEE or AIEEE then the best time is from class 10th. As soon as one passes class 10th he should join any of the coaching institute on which he believes or can believe. At that time your mind is like a fresh paper on which if some lines are drawn that will be clear but after 10+2 you have to erase or modify your old lines because in schools sometimes you are forced to learn some concepts without giving logic behind them & so you don’t have the attitude to think about problems. But if you start preparations only with 10th then you can co-relate the concepts.
You need not worry about your board preparations because what you read in coaching or school is same the difference is that at coaching you are given total idea about the thing & some extra points are also told whereas at schools the teachers aim only at school examinations. So it does not affect your school’s work. It can increase your percentage in board exam also & if in case you get 2 or 3 percent less than the toppers it does not matter more.
I didn’t join coaching classes after 10th but after doing 10+2 I realised that if I would have joined any classes at that time I might have been IIT student in 2007. You realize your mistakes only after doing that & can learn from others who have committed that mistakes. So all of you should not waste time & should join coaching while doing 10+2. Here at ER-DR CLASSES you get such type of environment that forces you to study not learning only but also making your logical ability good. Here persons are very helpful & they always help you to come up from any difficulty.

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