This course is ideal for those students who have full time to apply total energy on preparation for different All India PMTs and State PMTs. Firstly, we complete the full syllabus with tests at regular intervals, then three months to overcome weaknesses by mega-revision workshops and comprehensive test series.


XII th passed

Course commencement



Classroom teaching : 960 hours classes 5-6 hrs. a day, 5-6 days a week
Tests-cum-discussions : 180 hours 30 tests & 2-3 hrs discussion per test

Methodology for Regular Courses of NEET

  • Regular conceptual theory classes
  • Extra classes if required Result oriented study materials.
  • Daily Practice
  • During the course we provide complete up-to-date class notes for respective examination. The material is self-sufficient in all aspects.
  • All derivations are also
  • Provide daily practice assignment.
  • After completion of theory class provide mega-problem solving classes.
  • Separate problem solving
  • Periodic scheduled unit-wise minor & revision tests.
  • Test Analysis.
  • Test results & ranks.
  • Increase Speed
  • After completion of course we provide mega-revisional, workshops that give final touch to

Step 1,2,3,4 continue till the end of course

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“Small People Try to belittle your ambitions, but the really great make you, too, can become”

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Smart Infrastructure

Workflow Optimization

Machine Learning

Robotics & Sensors

Data Capture


Industrial Analysis

Ops Efficiency

Crude Personalization

New Business Models

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