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Present scenario in education, what is prevailing over the world, clearly indicates that the future belongs only to the successful professionals like an engineer from IITs, NITs or a Doctor from AIIMS, BHU, AFMC or an MBAfrom IIMs. More and more opportunities are being created in these fields and at the same time, competition for the entrance to these avenues of higher technical education are also increasing at an exponential rate. In such a fiercely competitive scenario, achieving a successful career requires development of solid intellectual base. It is the duty of a good educational system to impart knowledge along with developing diverse skills, which are essential for a successful career. Unfortunately, our present school educational system is not so well equipped, to cater to the growing global needs of the young students. To fill this gap without neglecting the school education, R&D Cell of ER-DR CLASSES has designed a course called “Synchro Foundation Program” aiming at developing skills in young students, which are essential to carve out a niche for themselves in this cutting edge professional world.

Time and Energy saving.

To get best at school hours.

Formation of most effective fundamental concepts.

Synchronized Learning.

To get more time for practice.

With innovative & strategic approach regular classes will be conducted by the subject experts along with the school to develop student’s analytical skills & problem solving abilities.

Methodology for School Integrated Program

This is an integrated programme comprising school education with orientation for competitive examination at different stages in which students wish to face and crack along with and after schooling. This programme has been designed and developed by Research & Development Cell of ER-DR CLASSES. ER-DR CLASSES in association with different renowned schools has launched this course with a vision to fill the gap in the teaching strategies in the present educational system and requirements of competitive world. The major objective of this course is to enable each young student to achieve success not only in academic and competitive examinations, but also to develop those qualities and skills in students, which would ensure a grand successful career. It is our belief that a student’s primary need is proper motivation and effective guidance that is exactly what we provide through our programme (SFP). The Synchro Foundation Programme is strategically charted programme which aims at utilising the time, effort and potential of each student in a well organized manner to achieve success beyond the paradigm. To accomplish this mission, ER-DR CLASSES in collaboration with different renowned schools equipped with the team of the best and experienced faculty members, the finest teaching methodology and the most conducive and open educational environment. As the course is being conducted along with school hence it also covers all critical aspects of social development of every young student’s personality. After joining Synchro-Foundation Programme, once a student starts working in our guidance, his/her whole personality will change dynamically and he/she will feel himself/herself altogether a different person with all the basic ingredients of success deeply embedded in his/her mind. With all these assets, he/she would surely be ahead of others in any field he/she undertakes in future.

  • An integrated programme synchronized with school education. Aiming at all round development of student for a successful career.
  • Synchro Foundation Programme creates the best synergy between school examination & other competitive examinations without compromising on any critical aspects of student’s personality development.
  • Orients the student towards the preparation for future competitive examinations in a gradual & systematic manner, without any stress.
  • In addition to School/Board examination,it also aims at producing NTSE, STSE, KVPY,and Science Olympiads champions.
  • Lays a strong foundation for higher level competitive examination like IIT-JEE, AIPMT, NDA, CDS etc. An early start ensures better preparedness and eases out the pressure of higher level competitive examination during class XI and XII.
  • Prepares solid foundation of basic fundamentals and a high level IQ& EQ.
  • Gradually develops the intellectual skills, confidence and an essential competency level to achieve phenomenal success in the higher level examinations with out any loss of time.
  • The course provides student friendly conditions for personal evolution.
  • Focus on encouraging each student to experiment with the concepts and techniques according to his/ her individual style of learning.
  • This program facilitates self-exploration & helps each student to reach the pinnacle of his/her talent at his/her own pace with ease
  • Scientifically designed classes aiming to develop analytical skills and ability to think over in each student, rather than cramming the course material.
  • This course also aspires to instill right attitude, values and vision in students, which will prepare them for life times of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.
  • The structure of the course elevates the standards of mental horizon of all students and prepares them to face the challenges ahead in life by incorporating classes on communication skills, stress & time management, creativity, Analytical Ability,PDP, IPS, yoga and Meditation.
  • All these will cost you little more over the school Fee for exceedingly unmatched results in future in their respective careers. Students joining this course need not any additional personal tuition or coaching.

“With Innovative and strategic approach regular classes will be conducted by the subjects experts along with the school to develop student’s analytical skills and problem solving abilities.

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