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Enrichment Preparation along with School

This course is ideal for those students who have full time to apply total energy on preparation for different All India PMTs and State PMTs. Firstly, we complete the full syllabus with tests at regular intervals, then three months to overcome weaknesses by mega-revision workshops and comprehensive test series.

Subjects offered

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

Course commencement


Entire coverage of syllabus up to competition level followed by special classes for concept improvement.

Extensive coverage of additional topics for JEE (Main) / NEET.

S-METS (School Merito Edge Test Series) for checking their competition presence.

Online assignments

We can also allow your faculty (on his/her interest) to sit in this class and learn the depth of the subject.

Robotics & Sensors

Gangwar ER-DR is a new age educational institute that offers the best pedagogy and support to create engaging, student centric learning environment. ER-DR provides a perfect blend of expert faculties, rich study modules and technology support to ensure effective delivery of education.
From last 18 successful years we have produced more than 1500 IITians /NITians and more than 200 M.B.B.S. Medicos which shows our consistency and growth.

Methodology for School Enrichment Program

The current scenario of study leaves students absolutely minimum time for self-studies due to the lack of synchronization between school studies and coaching. He/She will not be able to give optimal time for self-studies because of mismanagement of the study schedule. This will not only creates immense stress but will also hamper student’s own creativity of learning the subject. Also student starts to skip the school to manage coaching studies. This program aims to minimize above mentioned problems.

  • SEP enriches the students for JEE (Main & Advanced) / NEET along with excellence in school / board examinations and is purely designed according to school academic calendar.

    SEP is a revolution in school education where student not only get the extra edge of competition but school also marks his presence in the market for providing this facility to student free of cost.

    • School time will become 100% effective.
    • Attendance status of each students will increase.
    • School will mark his presence in the market for providing this program free of cost to students.
    • School will also get chance to increase results in JEE (Main & Advanced) / NEET.
  • A study program with a synergistic approach to both the school / board studies as well as JEE (Main & Advanced) / NEET.
  • A study plan that will ease out the pressure of time for the student.
  • A study program that removes the burden of heavy fee culture of coaching institutes.
  • A study program that will remove all the doubts / queries of student related to subjects & carrier.
  • This program remove the clash of priorities of school and coaching institutes. The school priority is to get good results in boards and the institute’s priority is that the student should perform well in JEE (Main & Advanced) / NEET.
  • We will not charge any fee from students.
    • Program is strictly for 11th& 12th Science students.
    • School will decide that in how many section the program will run (maximum 40 – 45 students per section). Meritorious student’s section is preferred.
    • Course Duration: This program requires 6 hours/ Week(2 Hours for each Subject) from the school hours.
    • Initially 3 demo classes will be given.

“With Innovative and strategic approach regular classes will be conducted by the subjects experts along with the school to develop student’s analytical skills and problem solving abilities

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Workflow Optimization

Machine Learning

Robotics & Sensors

Data Capture


Industrial Analysis

Ops Efficiency

Crude Personalization

New Business Models

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This course is ideal for those students who are 12th appearing and are ready to invest their time on preparation for IIT JEE and other Pre - engineering exams.

This course is ideal for those students who are 11th appearing and are ready to invest their time on preparation for IIT JEE and other Pre-engineering entrance exams.

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